Medical Centres - Cleaner Room

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We supply a range of janitorial units suited for use in medical centre cleaning rooms. Manufactured from stainless steel for infection prevention, our units also come with a combined bucket sink and hand wash unit to allow for hygiene maintenance and cleanliness. For more information on janitorial unit features, click here.

We supply spur shelving that is made suitable for use in cleaner rooms for the purpose of storing cleaning products and equipment. Our shelving comes with anti-microbial uprights and brackets, manufactured from Trespa for great durability and moisture-resistant properties.

We supply HTM68 IPS panels to provide our clients with impact-resistance coverage of plumbing systems in cleaner rooms and personal washrooms. All of our panels are manufactured from medical-grade MDF and Trespa.

Cleaner Room
HTM62 Spur Shelving
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